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Whether you’ve just started thinking about a career in technology, or are an established IT pro looking to advance, the value of an IT certification is noteworthy…especially to employers. Why? Because a professional IT certification is an unbiased validation of technical skills and knowledge that employers demand.

Becoming certified empowers you to:
• Demonstrate and verify your technical skills
• Increase your employment value and your compensation
• Make your resume stand out from the competition
• Enhance your professional reputation
• Improve your marketability and opportunities for career advancement
• Show your commitment to advancing and keeping your skills current

Research shows …

56% of IT professionals said they were able to perform their jobs better and more efficiently after obtaining a certification. 

30% of said they received a salary increase of up to 20% upon earning their certification.
65% reported a measurable, positive impact on their professional image after becoming certified.

And for the latest IT market research available, value of certification videos and certification program information, please visit our resource library.

Sources: Pearson VUE IT professional survey (2014);

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